Mini Golden Puppies



Updated: 12/3/2018


English Goldendoodles


We often get the question: "are your puppies English goldendoodles?" Let us be clear up front that the foundation of this question is based on falsehoods propagated on the web.


Breeders that use the terminology "English" goldendoodles are using a false term generated to suggest a superior or more rare type of goldendoodle. This could not be farther from the truth. We have researched the golden retriever breed breed for years and find no grounds on which we can professionally use the term "English" associated with the golden retriever or goldendoodle breed.




English is sometimes used to describe the cream coloring of golden retrievers. Golden retrievers raised in Europe are more likely to have a cream/white coloring than those raised in North America, but all white/cream/golden/red colors are within the same breed and are found on both continents.


Since the cream coloring is more dominant in Europe, we feel the term "European Cream" coloring is a better fit than "English". This still should not suggest there are differences in breeding practices across the board or that there are different standards or exclusive colors or styles for either European or American golden retrievers.


Body Structure

There is also false information as to the body structure, health, and temperament between English and American lines. This goes along with our explanation above that this is not the case. We do not see a tendency for cream colored retrievers to be more blocky than golden colored golden retrievers, and health and temperament can range just as much in each color.



Red English Goldendoodle

Our favorite request is: "a red English mini goldendoodle." You can laugh at that request for a couple reasons.


First, "English," as we have already described above, should not be used in describing golden retrievers or goldendoodles.


As we have also described above, white/cream are the dominant colors of the retrievers raised in Europe, so red doesn't fit well in a definition of European colored golden retrievers.


You also can see from our description of dog colors above that red crossed with cream will most likely not give a dark red, but a light or medium golden color on average. We also have a page that describes dog colors in more detail.


There is a rare exception to the request for a red English mini goldendoodle, but we are not sure if it exists. Some European golden retrievers are more red in color, although not as common. A breeder in Europe could raise red mini goldendoodles. But we are not in London, or anywhere in the UK for that matter, so we should never get this request.