Mini Golden Puppies



The Mini Goldendoodle


Our mini goldendoodles are raised as healthy companions for life and we never regret our decision many years ago to select mini goldendoodles as our breed. Mini goldendoodles are a cross between the golden retriever and mini poodle breeds that has produced desirable traits as family pets for many years. Merging the qualities of low shedding, intelligence, trainability, and a social temperament between the two parents breeds has given what we consider the best breed for families of all stages in life, including those with young children, singles in an apartment, and most any other situation.



Mini Goldendoodle Genetic Types

Genetic terminology is commonly used to describe mini goldendoodle types, sometimes incorrectly. Below we give description of common genetic goldendoodle definitions. Sizes given are only estimates of our typical weight ranges. We can't guarantee an adult size for any puppy and occasionally have puppies that go outside these typical ranges. We will also never guarantee a puppy to be completely non-shedding since the poodles (known as a non-shedding breed) will have a minor amount of shedding.


F1 mini goldendoodles

F1 (genetic abbreviation for filial 1) mini goldendoodles are the first generation cross between a golden retriever and mini poodle. F1 mini goldendoodle puppies are generally 30-50 lbs as adults and range from very low curl and mild shedding to curly coats with low shedding. We will sometimes use a multigen mini goldendoodle father that has mostly poodle genetics in place of a mini poodle in our F1 breeding. While not the exact definition of F1, we have seen no difference in size, color, health, or curl in doing this type of cross.

F1 mini goldendoodle puppy in light golden color example


F2 mini goldendoodles

F2 (genetic abbreviation for filial 2) mini goldendoodles are the cross between two F1 mini goldendoodle parents. Due to strong genetics from the golden retriever and poodle breeds on both sides, F2 mini goldendoodle puppies vary wildly in size, coat, and shedding. Since this is the most inconsistent type of goldendoodle cross, we don't breed F2 mini goldendoodles.


F1b mini goldendoodles

F1b (genetic abbreviation for filial 1 backcross) mini goldendoodles are the result of pairing an F1 mini goldendoodle to a mini poodle. This is a different type of second generation goldendoodle cross than F2 goldendoodles. F1b mini goldendoodles typically range from 15-35 lbs as adults and have curly and low shedding coats. We will also sometimes use a multigen mini goldendoodle father in place of a mini poodle in our F1b pairings, like we do with F1 pairings.

F1b mini goldendoodle puppy in medium golden color example


Multigen mini goldendoodles

We consider anything beyond the above listed goldendoodle types to be multigenerational. Due to the exponentially increasing number of combinations with each increasing goldendoodle generation, size and coat characteristics will vary significantly from breeder to breeder. Our multigen mini goldendoodles are only bred from parents where at least one or both of the parents has mostly poodle genetics to eliminate increasing the shedding potential. With the way we breed for multigen puppies, our multigens will have more poodle genetics than f1b goldendoodles. Our multigen mini goldendoodles also generally range from 10-35 lbs as adults, depending on size of the parents, and have curly low shedding coats.

Multigen mini goldendoodle puppy in red color example


are you sure mini golden doodlespotty miniature goldendoodleshake mini goldendoodlelets go dogpointing mini golden


Mini Goldendoodle Colors

We have done extensive research into the color genetics of dogs, which is vastly complicated and involves many different genes and varying fading and timing expression of these genes. Dog colors can include black, brown, blue, silver, white/cream/apricot/red, tan, sable, merle, parti colors and others. Markings are also involved without clear genetic dominance. We only raise goldendoodles in the cream/red colors. The cream/red genes are an intensity related set of genes where you can get the infinite range of colors from pure white to Irish setter red. We don't have chocolate colors in our breeding, but many people confuse our darker red puppies with chocolate (brown) or tan colors. We use the terms of cream/light golden/medium golden/dark golden/red. We will sometimes have puppies that have white markings that can include spots on the forehead, nose, chest, feet, and tail. We don't have parti lines (sometimes confused with markings).



We use the size definitions outlined below with our mini goldendoodles. Some of our litters (such as F1b mini goldendoodle litters) will range from 15-35 lbs as adults, so we consider these to be mini/medium size.


Mini size

We consider mini goldendoodles in the 10-25 lb range to be a mini or mini size dog. This is the size of the mini poodle and multigen mini goldendoodle parents.


Medium size

We consider our mini goldendoodles in the 25-50 lb range to be a medium size dog. This is the size of some of our mother mini goldendoodles.


Standard or full size

We consider anything above 50 lbs to be a standard or full size dog. A couple of our mothers are in this size.



We don't have puppies available all the time and usually have quite a bit of interest when we do. We will have puppies throughout the year and open a list for reservations after puppies are born. We don't accept deposits before this to avoid having uncertain and long reservation lists. Please see our mini goldendoodle puppy page for information on expected mini goldendoodle puppy availability.


nosy mini goldendoodlebroken stripe mini goldendoodle puppylight guy miniature golden doodlejoe mini golden doodledark as fire miniature goldendoodle


Our history with mini goldendoodles

Our journey with mini goldendoodles began in 2004 with our desire to down size the standard size goldendoodle we had started raising. Standard goldendoodles are a wonderful breed, but just too big for most households. The standard goldendoodle is a good combination of the intelligence, trainability, and non-shedding characteristics of the poodle breed and the mild mannered and intelligent golden retriever breed. We had raised a few litters of the standard size in colors including black, chocolate, phantom, and cream/red. These puppies fulfilled the needs for families, but we continued to get the request for the smallest in the litter or "do you have anything smaller?". Our compromise resulted in our first litter of mini goldendoodles in 2004. We have not turned back since and continue to strive for happy and healthy puppies that are family and kid friendly. We feel the mini goldendoodle breed fits this as much, if not more than, any other breed.


Including our previous standard size goldendoodles, we have raised mini goldendoodles that range from 10-100 lbs. In the mini size, we have raised puppies that include the white, cream, light golden, medium golden, dark golden, and red colors. We have been successful in raising healthy puppies for many years with our emphasis on the history of the genetics we are working in contrast to the fancy data only health testing we have not found to be very accurate or helpful in making our decisions on who to keep for breeding.


Our method for raising and selling puppies is very laid back. We don't participate in high pressure sales or making unattainable claims about our puppies. Our philosophy has been that our puppies sell themselves, which we have many years of satisfied customers to back up. We often get the response: "I met one of your puppies the other day ... I want one just like that." Beyond the praise for our puppies, this also points to the quality of training our customers commit to their puppies.


We have run into many claims or questions about the mini goldendoodle breed that are false. To be continued ...