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We accept a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold a gender specific spot in a litter after the reserve list is opened. The balance of the purchase price plus Iowa sales tax is due by 6 weeks old.


Payment preferred method is by check. We don't current accept credit card payments.


We are near Burlington, Iowa and do not offer shipping. Our closest airport is in Moline, IL (MLI) if you wish to fly here to pick up a puppy. Puppies can be carried in cabin in a soft sided pet carrier. We charge an additional $50 for puppies that will be flying for the additional paperwork required to fly. We will need to know when you reserve a puppy if you plan to fly back with the puppy. We will need for you to check with us before booking a flight to make sure our schedule works for your planned flight. We are not responsible for any flight changes or rebooking fees related to you traveling here to pick up a puppy.


Our puppies puppies are able to be visited after reaching 5 weeks old.


The selection process for our puppies starts around 5-6 weeks old and proceeds in the order spots are reserved. Selections can be made in person or by pictures. We will provide a description of the differences we are seeing between puppies in a litter for this process along with a couple individual pictures of each puppy. Most of the time at the selection age, we don't see enough temperament differences between puppies in a litter to put any emphasis on this for selecting a puppy. Those families choosing by pictures will be given a couple days to make their selection.


Group pictures of males/females are taken every couple weeks up to the selection age. At the selection age, individual pictures of each puppy are taken. We don't generally keep pictures updated past this age since puppies get harder to catch a picture of. We don't provide videos of our puppies.


We can estimate adult characteristics of our puppies, but cannot guarantee any of the following: size, coat color, coat type, or low/non-shedding coat characteristics.


Mini irish goldendoodles and mini goldendoodles are available to go by 8-10 weeks old, depending on expected size. We leave puppies with their mother for as long as we can and want to make sure puppies are eating completely on their own for about a week before leaving us.


We are not available for any appointments on Sundays and do not answer emails/return phone calls on Sundays.


We do not hold store hours so visits are available by appointment only.


Our puppies come with a two year health guarantee.


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