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Mini Golden Puppies mini irish goldendoodles are a three way cross between the Irish setter, golden retriever, and mini poodle breeds. Our mini irish goldendoodle puppies will be available periodically through the year. We typically post more information on our upcoming puppies a few months before they will be ready to go, when we will know more specific timing.


Mini Golden Puppies waits until our mini irish goldendoodle puppies are born before they can be reserved. Deposits will not be accepted before puppies are born. An announcement is posted about a week before puppies are available to reserve.


We will post information on upcoming mini irish goldendoodles on this page. More specific information will be available closer to when puppies are ready to go.


Puppies Available


We have our available mini goldendoodle and mini irish goldendoodle puppies posted on our mini goldendoodle puppies page.


Reserve Process

We wait until puppies are born before opening a reserve list. The main reason for this is to eliminate selling a puppy without knowing if we have a puppy available. We don't like to keep families in suspense on whether or not they will be getting a puppy from us, so we don't have anyone commit until we have puppies here. We often get the request "I would like to reserve the first pick in your next litter." Since we don't sell out in advance, this is not how we operate. We give all interested families equal opportunity to reserve a puppy the day we open a list, so we are not showing partiality to anyone.


We have found our method to be the most fair without having a waiting list out many months or years in advance. We often get inquiries from families that were on the list with another breeder for over a year to find out the litter they were on the list for didn't happen or there were too few puppies for the number on the waiting list.


We post an announcement about a week before opening a list that includes the date the list will open along with information on puppies we will be opening the list for. For example: if we will be opening the reserve list for F1b mini goldendoodles, we will post this along with color, when they are ready to go, and the date the list will open. We have families call at the set time that day to begin reserving spots. We will start taking voicemail messages and call families back in the order messages came in. This phone conversation sets the selection order in a litter. We take gender and litter specific reservations, so we know how many of each gender we still have for other interested families.


After the reserve list is opened, we will continue to keep our list opened until all puppies are sold. At this time, we close the list again until we have more puppies born.


Puppies are chosen by families in the order spots are reserved starting around 5-6 weeks old. We will take individual pictures for this process and provide a description of the differences between puppies we are seeing at that point. Most differences at that age are physical, such as: expected size, curl, and color. We typically don't see enough difference in temperament in the mini goldendoodle breed to put much emphasis on this for the selection process. Puppies can either be chosen by these pictures or in person. Since we go through this process before puppies are ready to go, selection and pickup don't happen on the same day.


Feel free to email us if you have any questions on how we go about opening a reserve list for our miniature goldendoodle puppies or if you have any additional questions.


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